All Star Rosters Announced

The rosters for the All-Star teams are set. Team Teal managed by Jarrad Reynolds will play the Power Yellow Team managed by Joe Manor. The 2016 CMBL All-Star game will be played this coming Saturday June 25th @ Jack Amyette field in Jacksonville. Admission is free and all are welcome to cheer on the CMBL’s best players.

Team Teal
Jarrad Reynolds mgr
Jeff Wilson Marlins
Alex Genoa Marlins
Marcus Garbounnoff Marlins
Jason Worrell Outlaws
Ken Vafier Outlaws
Brendon McKenna Outlaws
Tommy Price Flight
Evin Eichelburger Flight
Tim Child Flight
Omar Encarnacion Pirates
Matt Hamlers Pirates
Dustin Jackson Pirates

P1000610 P1000686

Power Yellow Team
Joe Manor mgr
Caleb Cunningham Engineers
Travis Adams Engineers
Brandon Devito Engineers
Jeff Murdza Gators
Jake Kight Gators
Rusty Knowles Gators
Ryan Chichester Barons
Mike Jenson Barons
Gene Vincent Barons
Luke Thomas Falcons
Nick Riley Falcons
Dustin Howard Falcons